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A Kilburn Live Experience

Cinema Pop-Ups is the ultimate mobile movie-going experience, from the leader in Experiential Entertainment, Kilburn Live. Each drive-in will offer ample and safe guest spacing, state-of-the-art audio streams, and a purpose-built app-based platform to allow for greatly reduced human interaction. Our temporary pop-up installations provide the ideal business solution for quickly setting up drive-in theaters with no long-term commitments from our venue partners.


Cinema Pop-Ups is an excellent way to monetize existing venues that have ample parking, power and restroom resources.

For a minimum monthly rental fee, Kilburn Live will deploy temporary screens, equipment, a white-labeled app, and software suitable for viewing by 100 cars or more.*

The content provided will be the same content as all other movie theater chains.

Venues keep the profits generated by utilizing existing facilities to fulfill food and beverage orders, sell bolt-on experiences, and offer additional guest amenities. These revenue streams are a very profitable source of income for traditional movie chains.

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*Number of cars will be dependent upon parking setup and infrastructure of the venue.